Lots has happened this baby season.  We have successfully returned several red shoulders, a red tailed hawk, a screech owl, and a barred owl, all babies reunited with their families.  We have rescued 4 baby osprey and two black vultures .  It's always a busy time of year!

Birds molt once a year.  It is a gradual exchange of feathers as they drop the old ones and new ones grow in their place. It takes an enormous amount of energy to grow all those feathers, so my birds get a little extra food now and then, and take lots of baths, all to help those feathers grow in strong and pretty.

Mr. Frodo was having a particularly bad hair day in this picture.  The last time I checked, his head looked even worse.  I will update you with the finished product once he is looking spiffy again.

Meet Oofta, a Black Vulture living at Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland, Florida.  She was injured by a shotgun blast to her right side which permanently injured her right wing and right leg.  But she has a great attitude, and loves to be around people.  She follows you like a dog, comes when she is called, enjoys playing in her pond with squeeky toys, and is being trained to be part of an interactive program.  Vultures are very social creatures with high intelligence.  They are nature's clean up crew and a very important part of the ecosystem.  Too bad they are so misunderstood. Why people want to hurt them is a mystery to me.

Building this site has been fun, thanks to my hubby, Tom, for doing all the hard work and getting me started.
Today I rescued another injured bird.  This one, a beautiful great egret lying in the middle of the road with a broken wing, not able to stand.  Of course I threw the truck into park and jumped out and picked him up, he gave little resistance.  I am sure he was in shock.  My friend, Nora, got to hold him while I covered his head and drove to the rehabber.  I am not sure there is too much they can do, the injuries were pretty severe.

How can someone hit an animal and just keep on driving?